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What tournaments should my High Schooler play in for the best exposure to college recruiters?
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I attended the Coaches conference this year (2020) and was fortunate to have sat in several meetings were the topics were centered around recruiting. Things have greatly changed from when I was recruited and found the conversation very fascinating. I heard a lot of things but I will give my top points below:

1) Record your athlete, Fielding, Hitting, practice and at games. Coaches want to see that...

2) Know your athletes stats on and off the field. When a coach receives information, the first thing they look at is "Grades" if the grades are not there, then they are not going to waste their time. Inquires without "grades attached" gets pushed. If you hit nothing but bombs and throw 90+ but have poor grades. There is nothing they can do for you.

3) "Be Realistic....." if your athletes is looking to play in College - don't think D1 or nothing. Athletes should identify at least 30 schools that may interest them 5 - NCAA D1 5 - NCAA D2 . 5 - NCAA D3 schools -The rest should be broken up to between JUCO and NAIA schools. You should research the schools to identify the right school. Found out there are few online tools that I saw that have a wealth of information some affordable and some pricey. Unfortunately I did not see a free version. (This is a direct quote " Be realistic, If your son is not throwing 93 to 95 mph don't reach out to UCLA, that coach gets 400 emails a day from players". It was said that "Most " coaches appreciate athletes who are reaching out to the school and that the athletes have shown interest in their school. (Here's is an example - You go to a showcase and your athlete becomes 1 of 10,000 kids in the showcase database - are you expecting a college coach to go through all 10,000 videos - reach out to a kid and find out the kid is not interested in their school?

4) Showcase tournaments are typically attended by D2 and below schools. Don't expect LSU, TCU, Dallas Baptist, Clemson, Florida St, etc. to have representation at those showcases. 99 times out of 100 they will not be there (there are exceptions meaning games and showcases held at their facilities)

5) If you have done steps 1, 2 and 3. - Step 4 can be negated and a top school can show, but they would show for you. For instance, if you have a tournament in Arizona and Arizona State or Arizona is one of the schools your athlete has written and correspondent with. You should drop and email letting them know when and where you will be playing in their area.

Note: The Coaches conference has given 8 dates that are dead dates. Know those dead dates, playing tournaments or games on those dead dates are a waste of time. Legally no recruiting cannot be done on those days.

Lastly, They stated that athletes once they are in HS, they should behave like they want to go to the next level. "Someone is always watching" . You will never know, that a player on another teams parent may be a scout. MLB, NCAA, JUCO, or USA Baseball, so be professional.

If have any questions please let me know and I hope this helps... regards Coach Booker
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